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Our Tango Resources section has some resources for beginning Tango dancers, our Tango Blog, and favorite video dance performances:

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  • Tangology 101 Blog
    My Tangology 101 Blog is dedicated to the study of Argentine Tango dance, music and history. I post about tango classes, videos and philosophy.
  • Photo Gallery
    Pictures of Clint and Shelley's tango events!
  • Favorite Performances
    Watching great tango performances can be both enlightening and inspirational. Here are some of my favorite performances.
  • Favorite Older Milonguero Performances
    Some of my favorite video performances of the older Milongueros from Buenos Aires.
  • Testimonials
    These are actual emails that we have received from students. We feel very honored when we can contribute to enhancing people's love of Tango.
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    Put in any search term below:We are working on videos of our 100 Level Classes and exercises and will have them posted in the next week.These 200 level classes provide foundational concepts and techniques in order to progress to the more advanced ide
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