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Tanda of the Week 4 (Anibal Troilo) 2012-04-02

This weeks tanda is a classic golden age tanda by Anibal Troilo with Francisco Fiorentino singing. The combination of Troilo and Fiorentino is one of the greatest in tango. If you are a purest and absolutely must put 4 songs with singers and can't mix singers with instrumentals then "Yo Soy el Tango" would go great instead of "C.T.V."

Troilo is considered on of the four primary orchestras of Argentine tango including d'Arienzo, di Sarli, and Pugliese. He had a very long career and really contributed to the evolution of tango's sound. In Buenos Aires, you will see statues and paintings of Troilo all over the place and his music very loved by the older dancers. It has a lot of rhythm and strong melodies and gives dancers lots to work with.

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