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Linked Volcadas, Side Volcada, and with Leg Wraps

 This class covers the material from one of our workshops on advanced volcadas. We look at linked volcadas, side volcadas, and with leg wraps. We discuss the difference between a shoulder lead and a more flat chested lead in Volcadas.

T405 - Volcadas II: Advanced Volcadas

A Volcada is when the woman is lead completely off of her vertical axis to lean forward into the man with her free leg floating forward. In this class we will look at Forward and Back Volcadas with different resolutions such as Cruzada, Calesita and Boleo.

Switching Between Parallel and Cross System Ochos in Vals

 In this class, we focus on the leaders switching back and forth between parallel and cross system while leading the followers to perform back ochos. This step works well in both vals (tango waltz) and rhythmic tangos.