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Traditional Tanda of the Week 36 - Carlos di Sarli (Mixed Tanda)

This week's traditional tanda is an elegant and dramatic set of tangos by Carlos di Sarli. The last few weeks, we have focused on more rhythmic tangos, so this week I wanted to slow things down. These are slightly after the Golden Age of Tango, but still very danceable. I love all of these songs, but Indio Manso and Hasta Siempre Amor are two of my all time favorite tangos. It is unusual to mix instrumental tangos with tangos with singing in the same tanda, but like any rule it is there to be broken in the right circumstances. Also, the other tangos sung by Horacio Casares are not so good for dancing, so it would be impossible to make a tanda of tangos with him singing.



Traditional Tanda of the Week 35 - Enrique Rodriguez con Roberto Flores

This week's traditional tanda is a rhythmic set of tangos by Enrique Rodríguez with Roberto Flores singing. Last week I featured a set of Vals and a set of Fox Trot-Milongas by Rodriguez, so I figured we would go one more and feature some of his rhythmic tangos. Also, I played this tanda this weekend at Milonga Plaka and it was a success.



Traditional Tanda of the Week 34 - Enrique Rodriguez Vals

This week's traditional tanda is a fun set of vals by Enrique Rodríguez and Angel Condercuri. This set is always a crowd pleaser. It is just incredibly happy and fun. I usually play 3 vals, so I play the first two and then pick between the last two depending on my mood.

Tengo Mil Novias (I Have a Thousand Girlfriends/Brides) is about a guy that can't settle down because he loves all the women, blondes, brunettes, etc. Isabelita is about a beautiful porteña. "Estas Chicas se quieren Casar" translates to "all these girls want to get married." Fru-Fru is actually a classic French Chanson titled Frou-Frou and is, if I am understanding the translation correctly, about how women in skirts are much better than women wearing pants. Frou-Frou is the sound that a woman's skirt makes when it rustles.