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Traditional Tanda of the Week 40 - Osvaldo Pugliese

This week's traditional tanda is a dramatic set by Osvaldo Pugliese. This set features Recuerdo, the first tango Pugliese composed, in 1924, when he was only 19 years old. The title was originally "Recuerdo para mis amigos" (Memory for my friends) and was an homage to his friends that he used to hang out with in the cafe. This song is often described as a milestone of tango composition for its melodic structure and its complex density. "Recuerdo" shows Pugliese's knowledge of European classical music and his commitment to the streets of Buenos Aires.

"One could speak, with total justice, of compositions before and after Pugliese's 'Recuerdo' and the instrumentalists before and after 'Recuerdo'." - Horacio Ferrer

Puppy Castello y Graciela Gonzalez, in 1994, dancing to Recuerdo

Nito y Elba, in 2008, dancing to Recuerdo



Tanda of the Week 20 (D'Arienzo Vals) 2012-07-23

This weeks tanda is a spirited vals (waltz) set by Juan D'Arienzo. These are great examples of vals criollo (creole waltz). Vals criollo is an evolution of the European vals as influenced by the culture of the working class Argentinean and Uruguayan citizens, primarily a mixture of Spanish and African. Later this would evolve into what we now refer to simply as Tango Vals.

More about:

Pabellón de las Rosas (The Rose Pavilion)

The second song of this set, "Pabellón de las Rosas (The Rose Pavilion)", was composed by Joseph Felipetti. It was located at 2855 Alvear Avenue (now Del Libertador). It contained a restaurant, dance hall, and skating rink. The entrance consisted of a roundabout, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Some of the most popular orchestras played there including Canaro, Berto, Firpo, Fresedo, and Maglio. In 1919, Fresedo played there with a huge orchestra of 30 members including two pianos played by Cobian and Delfino. In the late 1920s, it was the host of a huge Tango contest. It was demolished around 1929.