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Alternative Tanda 7: Astor Piazzolla

This weeks alternative tango is a collection of songs by Astor Piazzolla. What amazes me about Piazzolla is how he can put so many emotions into the same piece of music.

This version of "Libertango" is a remix by Hi Perspective and is nice because it has a bit slower and has more of a beat than other versions. The only negative to it is that it has a very fast fade out at the end of the song.

"Cite Tango" is so light and playful and then it becomes soft and romantic. It feels like being at an amusement park.  You are having fun all day, but then it gets late and you start to get tired. You realize that the fun is over and that you must go home.

This version of "Tanguedia III" is from Tango Zero Hour, one of my favorite Piazzolla albums. This song is very aggressive, almost violent. You have to be bold and precise dancing to it. I also like to use lots of changes of directions (alterations). I have edited the song to remove the 22 second intro.

If you wanted to keep this tanda under 10 minutes, you could use Gotan Projects edit of "Cite Tango" which is 3.56 and then start Tanguedia III at the 1.34 mark.

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Alternative Tanda 6: Electronic (Bajofondo Tango Club)

This weeks alternative tanda is an electronic tango set by Bajofondo Tango Club and Gotan Project. These are 3 very fun tangos to dance to. One suggestion for dancers would be to take it slow and calm when dancing to these songs. I often see people running around way too fast, especially to "Pa' Bailar."

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Alternative Tanda 5: Pop Vals

This weeks alternative tanda focuses on pop waltzes (vals).  "Hijo de la Luna" is a classic alternative tango song and has a great waltz rhythm for dancing. Sting's "Until" is one of my favorite waltzes to dance to. It is such a beautiful song and has a classic waltz rhythm. "Will You Remember" is a sweet and pretty waltz. Also, a note for DJs, I have trimmed the intro off of "Will You Remember" so that it does not take so long to get to the waltz rhythm.

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Alternative Tanda 3: Electronic Tango (Electrocutango, Otros Aires)

This weeks alternative tanda focuses on electronic tango music. "Felino" is almost a classic of electronic tango and is often used at alternative milongas. I have put it with two songs by Otros Aires, one of the best modern tango bands. The second song mentions the greatest classic tango orchestras  Pugliese, Troilo, d'Arienzo. The final song is a great cover of Pugliese's classic song, "La Yumba."


Alternative Tanda 1: Milonga

This tanda is not so much alternative as it is not traditional. These are some modern milongas which are lots of fun to dance to. I have always loved Al Galope but always found it difficult to fit into a tanda. This version of Milonga Sentimental is just so beautiful. In fact every song on Patio de Tango is wonderful especially their versions of Malena and Palomita Blanca. The star of the set is the wonderful Morena by Estaban Morgado.