Argentine Tango Classes

Where When Level
Atlanta, GA Mondays: Next Series April 15th, 2019 Beginner
Atlanta, GA Tuesdays @ 8pm to 9:30pm Int / Adv
Macon, GA Final Sundays @ 4pm Multi-level
Charleston, SC 3rd Saturdays @ 1pm Int / Adv


Where When
Update: For May 2019, the 3rd Sunday milonga will be at the 57th Fighter Group.
57th Fighter in Atlanta, GA 1st Sundays @ 6:30pm
Taverna Plaka in Atlanta, GA 2nd Sundays @ 7pm
Apres Diem in Atlanta, GA 3rd Sundays @ 7pm

Apres Diem Milonga

Apres Diem is a relaxed yet sophisticated take on the european style of dining. Apres Diem is an international bistro serving great food, espresso drinks, coffee/rotating desserts, full bar serving variety of cocktails.

3rd Sundays in April, May, and June 2019

7pm - 10pm - Traditional Music
10pm to 11pm - Mix of Alternative and Traditional

DJ: Clint Rauscher
Hosts: Shelley Brooks & Clint Rauscher

$10 Admission

Apres Diem Lounge 
931 Monroe Drive
Suite C-103
Atlanta, Georgia 30308


Tango Cuba Cruise - Mar. 7 to Mar. 12, 2020

Join us for a fun 5 day Tango Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Havana and Nassau! We had a group of over 40 people go last year, and expect about the same this year! Along with visits to the ports we will have tango workshops/practicas, at least one tango history class, and several milongas.

Please READ FAQ below about traveling to Cuba!

We will have workshops on the days that we are at sea and milongas most nights. Right now the tentative schedule is:

Saturday - March 7th
The ship departs at 3:30pm from Fort Lauderdale. After departing we will have a welcome tango event.

Sunday - March 8th
We have a fun day at sea with workshops and dancing.

Monday - March 9th
We arrive in Havana, Cuba at 8am in the morning. Enjoy Cuba during the day and we will hopefully find someplace to dance in the evening.

Tuesday - March 10th
We will depart from Havana at 6am and have workshops and dancing during while at sea.

Wednesday - March 11th
We will arrive at 7am in Nassau, The Bahamas, where you can spend the day enjoying the island. The ship departs at 5pm and we should have a tango event that evening.

Thursday - March 12th
We arrive back at Fort Lauderdale at 8am in the morning.

Tango Cuba Cruise Rates
All Prices are based on DOUBLE OCCUPANCY! If you want a private room then you will be charged double and the deposit will be double!

You CAN register as a single person until Dec 15th and I will room you with another suitable Tango dancer travelling alone OR you can find somone else to register and share a room!

Type of Room Price
Interior Cabin
185 square feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Chair. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Desk. pictures
$640 per person
$150 Deposit 

Pay Deposit VIA Paypal (3% fee applies or use an alternative payment method listed below):


Ocean View Cabin
185 Square Feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Chair. Desk. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Picture window or 2 portholes. pictures
$700 per person
$150 Deposit (Use Link Below). 

Pay Deposit VIA Paypal (3% fee applies or use an alternative payment method listed below):

ATTENTION for Rooms Below This Line!!!! Prices and availabilty for these rooms change AND I expect them to sell out quickly, so contact me at 404-931-2455 or to check on pricing and availability for you. Also, the whole room needs to be booked at the same time, so both travelers need to register before I book the room.
185 Square Feet. Two twin beds (push together for king). Balcony w Two Chairs and small table. Chair. Desk. Full bathroom with shower. 3 Closets. Picture window or 2 portholes. pictures
$1,790 total
($895 per person).

Pay Deposit VIA Paypal (3% fee applies or use an alternative payment method listed below):

Junior Suite
(2 people sharing room)
275 Square Feet. Two twin beds (or push together for king) and single sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Mini-Fridge. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with shower. 3 closets. 65 Square Foot Private balcony with patio and Lounge chairs. video
$2,390 total
($1,195 per person)

Pay Deposit VIA Paypal (3% fee applies or use an alternative payment method listed below):

Grand Suite
(2 people sharing room)
345 Square Feet. Two twin beds (or push together for king) and double sofa bed. Sofa and coffee table. Mini-Fridge. Desk and seat. Full bathroom with separate shower and whirlpool bathtubs. Walk-in closet. 85 Square Foot Private Balcony with patio and Lounge chairs. video
$2,990 total
($1,495 per person)

Pay Deposit VIA Paypal (3% fee applies or use an alternative payment method listed below):

* All of the rates below include your room, taxes, port fees, and tango event fees. These rates are based on double occupancy, so you will be sharing a room with another person. If you already have a friend going and want to room with them, then you can specify that after you signup; otherwise, we will book you with another person of your same gender. You can travel alone, but all the above fees will be double.

** These optional fees can be paid directly to Carnival via their Guest Services website. You will be given access to this site after you pay your deposit: 1. Pre-paid gratuity (69.95/pp for Interior, Ocean View, Balcony and 79.95/pp for Suites) 2. Travel Insurance (49/pp Interior, 59/pp Ocean View, 89/pp Balcony, 109/pp Juior Suite, 129/pp Grand Suite)

*** Cancellation Fees: UNLESS YOU PURCHASE TRAVELLER'S Insurance (Even a death in the family). You will lose $150/pp after December 15th. After Jan 1, 2020, you lose your deposit plus 55% of what you have paid. After Jan 15th, you lose 80% and, after Feb 7th you will lose 100%.

**** If you are traveling with a person that does not dance tango, their final payment will be charged $50 less, but let me know this after you make the deposit.

Payment Due Dates
Deposit is required at the time of registration.
50% of remained due on August 1st, 2019
Remainder is due by December 1st, 2020
Also, you can feel free to make the full payment at anytime, via paypal or check.

Alternative Payment Methods (No Service Fee), instead of Paypal:

By Check:
Clint Rauscher
281 Northern Avenue NE
Avondale, Estates, GA 30002

Venmo: tangology101

Facebook: Send Money via Messenger (Just click on $ icon when sending a message).

Also, email me your:

  • Full name as it is on your Passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Are you a naturalized US citizen?
  • The name of the person that you will share your room with and their email and phone number OR if you would like me to help find you a roommate

Frequently Asked Questions (PLEASE read):

1. Is it legal to travel to Cuba?
Yes, it is legal to travel to Cuba, but you can no longer travel to Cuba as strictly a tourist. In order to travel to Cuba you have to participate in some person to person cultural exchange with Cubans for around 7 to 8 hours. So, the way the cruise line accomplishes this is through pre-planned excursions. These ONLY take place during the day. Night time excursions do not apply. ONLY AFTER, you have completed your excursion, are you free to do other things. You can click here to view all the excursions available, but remember that only the daytime ones count.

More info specific to traveling to Cuba with Carnival. And even more info.

Top 10 things to do while in Cuba.

I am looking forward to the excursion called, "In Hemingway's Footsteps." In this tour, you visit Hemingway's home and then all the locations that he enjoyed and wrote about.

2. What other extra fees can I expect?
You are responsible for your travel fees to and from the ship, $75 Cuban Visa, Cuban Person to Person Excursion mentioned above, alcoholic drinks and specialty foods on the ship, anything you do off the ship in a port.

The $75 Cuban Visa will be charged to your room via your room account once you are on the ship. This Visa is required if you are exiting the ship in Cuba. One thing that it covers is health insurance while in Havana. If you have to visit a hospital, it will be covered under that Visa.

3. Do I need a passport?
Yes, you have to have a passport!

4. What if my significant other does not dance tango?
They are welcome to come, in fact, several couples do this each trip. Just contact me and I will discount their room fee accordingly.

5. What are pre-paid gratuities?
Above, under the room fees, you will see what the pre-paid gratuity is for each room type. You can tip your waiters and room attendants and other ship employees directly, OR you can use their pre-paid gratuity. Carnival takes this fee and divides it up between everyone that likely helped you on the ship based on who helped you the most. 

6. Do I need travel insurance?
I do recommend it. Each year we have people that don't get the insurance and then have to cancel at the last minute and want refunds. Imagine if you have a death in the family or there is a hurricane, or plane delays. Click here for more travel insurance info.

7. When do I need to arrive in Fort Lauderdale?
We recommend that you arrive at least a day early to avoid travel delays and missing the departure time. We might can help you find a place to stay the night before, but can't promise that.

8. What are drink packages?
Food and regular drinks such as water, tea, and lemonade are free, but alcoholic beverages and sodas are extra. You can pay for them individually or with special drink packages.

9. How do I pay for things on the ship?
Most everything is provided for free on the ship, but you do have to pay for alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, specialty foods, bottled water, gambling, etc. Once you are on the ship, you will be given a sail and sign card which is tied to your credit card. They will initially charge you $100 and put it on the card for you to use. After the cruise, they will refund any unused money to your card.

10. Do I have to get off of the ship when we are in a port?
No, you never have to get off of the ship. Some people prefer to enjoy a mostly empty ship while it is docked at port.

11. Is this a gender balanced event?
We are not 100% gender balanced, but we do keep that in mind. We will freeze registrations for followers, if we feel the balance is getting too off.


Also, join the discussion and let everyone know when you are registered on the Official Facebook Event Page.

If you have additional questions you can contact Clint at

Videos of Instructors:

Clint Rauscher

 Contact Clint Rauscher for payment details:

More payment options.


Translation of El Ultimo Cafe

The Last Coffee
lyrics by Cátulo Castillo
?music by Héctor Stamponi

Your memory touches down like a tornado,
the autumn sun begins to set again
I watch the drizzle, and as I watch
the spoon stirs in the coffee…

In the last coffee
that your lips coldly
ordered that time
in a sighing voice. 

Visit Poesía de Gotán: The Poetry of Tango to see the rest of the lyrics.