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400 Level - Advanced Classes

Our 400 level classes focus on advanced concepts in Tango, Milonga and Vals. 

T401 - Sacadas III: Advanced Sacadas

T402 - Boleos III: Advanced Circular and In-line/Linear Boleos
A Linear (In-Line) Boleo is when a woman’s step is interrupted causing her to extend her free leg straight  backward, forward or sideways.

T403 - Dynamic Changes of Direction y Alterations
Alterations are when we change the direction of our movement. Alterations are also called Cambio de Frente (change of front).

T404 - Ganchos III: Advanced Ganchos
In this class, we look at more advanced Ganchos for both Men and Women including Reverse Ganchos and Linked Ganchos (Pulpeados).

T405 - Volcadas II: Advanced Volcadas
A Volcada is when the woman is lead completely off of her vertical axis to lean forward into the man with her free leg floating forward.  In this class we will look at Forward and Back Volcadas with different resolutions such as Cruzada, Calesita and Boleo.

T406 - Colgadas II: Advanced Colgadas
A Colgada is when the woman is lead completely off of her vertical axis to lean away from the man. The man also leans back to counter-balance the woman. This class we will look at Back Colgadas, Side Colgadas and Single-Axis Turns while in Colgada.

T407 - Soltadas
A Soltada (release) is when the couple temporarily releases their embrace. Generally this is done when executing and Giro.

T408 - Alternative Embraces
In this class we will explore Alternative Embraces including Doble Frente (double front) and other possible embraces.

T409 - Other Nuevo Concepts: Saltos, Resbaladas, Lifts y Congeladas
This class explores new concepts of Tango. A Saltos (jumps) is when the man, woman or both jump during a figure. A Resbaladas (slides) is when the man tilts the woman off of her vertical axis and then slides her forward, backward or to the side. A Congelada (freeze) is when a woman is stopped with her weight split evenly between her two feet and the man goes around her.