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12/13/2011 at 07:22 PM in blog folder icon Tango Djing
Creating great tandas is an art form. Below are some of my favorite tandas. Feel free to use them or just reference them for new ideas and inspiration. I am always interested in feedback and comments, so feel free to contact me at clint@tangology101.com.

Special Tanda Collections

 Milonga Tandas


Canaro Milongas

Mixed and Candombe Milongas

Vals Tandas

Orchestras A - C

Orchestras D - K

Orchestras L - Z

Mixed Vals Tandas

Alternative & Modern

Alternative Vals

Alternative Milongas

Alternative Tangos

Electronic Tangos

Modern Orchestras
Astor Piazzolla
Color Tango


Orchestra Tanda Collections

Rodolfo Biagi Osvaldo Fresedo
Miguel Calo  Alfredo Gobbi
 Francisco Canaro  Pedro Laurenz

Juan d'Arienzo

Juan d'Arienzo
with Singers

Francisco Lomuto
Alfredo de Angelis Osvaldo Pugliese
Lucio Demare Enrique Rodriguez

Carlos di Sarli

Carlos di Sarli
with Singers

Ricardo Tanturi TandasRicardo Tanturi
Edgardo Donato Anibal Troilo
Roberto Firpo Angel Vargas
  Orchestra Tipica Victor (OTV) & Adolfo Carabelli


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