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Our Milongas & Milonga Etiquette

Milongas are Tango dance parties, where Tango dancers gather to dance socially with one another. I am associated with two monthly milongas: Milonga del Corazon (3rd Friday of Every Month) and Milonga Plaka (1st and 2nd Sundays of Every Month and 4th Sundays when there is a 5th Sunday).

Below you will find more information about these monthly Atlanta Milongas, information about Milonga and Dance Floor Etiquette and information about my DJing Philosophy.

  • Milonga Plaka
    Come and join us at one of the most popular Milongas in Atlanta. Taverna Plaka is a Greek restaurant off of Cheshire Bridge Road. We have our own private room with beautiful hardwood floors. Also, the room has its own entrance and bar.
  • Apres Diem Milonga
    Apres Diem is a relaxed yet sophisticated take on the european style of dining. Apres Diem is an international bistro serving great food, espresso drinks, coffee/rotating desserts, full bar serving variety of cocktails.
  • Tango Etiquette Part 1: General Milonga Etiquette
    A Milonga is about more than just dancing. These codes are not hard rules but rather guidelines to help everyone enjoy their experiences at the Milonga.
  • Tango Etiquette Part 2: Dance Floor Etiquette (Floorcraft)
    When we dance tango we are dancing with our partner, the music, the floor and the other dancers on that floor.