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Dancing to Donato Part 1: Crossover Step and Empujadita

Teachers: Shelley Brooks and Clint Rauscher
Song: "Sinfonia de Arrabal" by Edgardo Donato (1940)

In this class, we focused on dancing to Edgardo Donato. Donato's music is very rhythmic and playful, so we try to express that in the dance. The explored several concepts, but the primary step we worked on starts with a crossover step, the leader going to the open side of the embrace and then switching to the close side with an empujadita. An empujadita (little push) is when the leader makes slight contact with their upper thigh to the follower's upper thigh, very gently pushing the follower's free leg around their supporting leg. In a way, it is a high sacada and results in what is effectively a forward boleo for the follower. This is the first step we do in the video.

We also do several variations of this step, through the video. At :18, we do one which includes a little adorno for the leader at :21. In the first step, we go the close side of the embrace, but in the second version we exit to the open side in parallel system.