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Traditional Tanda of the Week 38 - Francisco Canaro (Poema)

This week's traditional tanda is a popular set by Francisco Canaro with Roberto Maida singing. This tanda features the super popular song Poema. These songs fall at the end of the Guardia Nueva Period (1925 to 1935), when tango was transitioning from the sound of the Guardia Vieja sound to the more modern sound of the Golden Age. These songs still have that old sound, with some touches of the new. Poema has the beat or rhythm of the guardia vieja period which has sort of a dropping feeling (at least to me), but then it also has the elegant strings and smooth singing. Also, notice the strings in the first part and then how the singer almost imitates the strings in the second part.

Here are 3 different versions of Poema. It was originally written on a bus trip by several musicians including Eduardo Bianco. I have also included a Greek version and a French version.

Live Perfomances:
I like that most of the performers use the changes in the music. Poema is generally a very calm and slow song, but it has bursts of energy. One of the complexities of Poema is handling those transitions betweenthe  calm and steady and the more energetic segments.