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11/19/2012 at 12:22 AM in blog folder icon Traditional Tandas
This week's traditional tanda is an elegant and dramatic set of tangos by Carlos di Sarli. The last few weeks, we have focused on more rhythmic tangos, so this week I wanted to slow things down. These are slightly after the Golden Age of Tango, but still very danceable. I love all of these songs, but Indio Manso and Hasta Siempre Amor are two of my all time favorite tangos. It is unusual to mix instrumental tangos with tangos with singing in the same tanda, but like any rule it is there to be broken in the right circumstances. Also, the other tangos sung by Horacio Casares are not so good for dancing, so it would be impossible to make a tanda of tangos with him singing.


Tags: carlos di sarli , DJing , Tanda of the Week


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