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DJ Info & Philosophy

I have been DJing Milongas since 2005. I DJ at two of the most popular Milongas in Atlanta every month. I have DJ'd in numerous cities around the Southeast (Knoxville, Chattanooga,  Athens, Macon, Asheville) and as far away as Vienna, Austria.

I enjoy sharing my love and appreciation of Tango Music as much as sharing my love of the dance. I normally play about 90% traditonal tango with about 10% alternative/electronic tango.

  • How to DJ a Milonga
    My most important rule, above all else, is to pick music that people enjoy dancing to. If people are dancing well and enjoying the milonga then the DJ is doing his/her job. There are many guidelines but no hard rules. Here are my guidelines to solid DJing.
  • Clint's Tanda Collections
    Creating great tandas is an art form. Below are some of my favorite Tandas. Feel free to use them or just reference them for new ideas and inspiration. I am always interested in feedback and comments, so feel free to contact me at clint@tangology101.com.
  • My Playlists
    Some sample playlists of mine. Feel free to use them anyway you see fit.
  • More Resources for DJs
    Additional resources for successful tango DJing.
  • Cortina Collections
    Here are some my cortina the collections: Beatles, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Lounge, Swing.