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05/01/2012 at 05:41 PM in blog folder icon Alternative Tandas
This weeks alternative tanda is a collection of modern classical pieces excellent for dancing tango. The first is a band called Apocalyptica, who covers lots of Metallica songs. This version of "Nothing Else Matters" has been popular for years as an alternative tango. The second song is from an Italian movie soundtrack called "Cuore Sacro." It is a beautiful song and I love dancing to it. The third song is from the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Soundtrack and is very bold and a great way to end this tanda. One thing that ties all of these songs together is that they all start soft and slow and then build and build to really wonderful crescendos.

Note: I first heard "Cuore Sacro" in a performance video of Robin Thomas and Kayla Mares.

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