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10/13/2010 at 01:49 AM in blog folder icon Tango Performances
10/13/2010 at 01:49 AM
For those who missed this great concert. The Tango Orchestra Club Atlanta and Emory's Tango Ensemble perform at the Schwartz Center on March 17, 2010. Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús, singer; Osvaldo Barrios, bandoneón; Howard Goldstein and Seyed A. Safavynia, violin; Mary McCoy viola; Noemi Kurylo, cello; Todd Markey, double bass; and Kristin Wendland, piano; Horacio and Marissa Arcidiacono, dancers.

Great version of "Nostalgias" with Ronald Mendoza-de Jesús singing and then Pugliese's "La Yumba" and "La Cumparsita" in the style of d'Arienzo. Kristin Wendland is the director of the ensemble and is trying to do more live music that is also good for dancing. All three of these would be great to dance to.

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