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Dancing to Donato - Part 2 - Rebote to Back Cross or Ocho Cortado w Adornos

 Teachers: Clint Rauscher and Shelley Brooks

Music: Mis Pesares by Edgardo Donato with Horacio Lagos (1941)
This is part 2 in our series on dancing to the music of Edgardo Donato. Donato's music is very rhythmic and playful, so we try to express that in the dance. The music has a driving rhythm, so we don't usually take long dramatic pauses as much as we would in other music.
Also, Shelley shows many embellishments (adornos) in this video and I would encourage women to watch her feet very closely. Often we encourage men to wait and allow women time to do their embellishments, but in this class we were looking at embellishments where the women are working them into the music and rhythm of the dance. In the demo, I am not waiting on her to do her embellishments, she is working them in and not at all interrupting the flow of the dance.
We always encourage followers to be active and not passive, but especially when dancing to more rhythmic music. The followers need to be responsible keeping the rhythm, not making the leaders do all the work. As we often say, "The leader can only get you close to the beat, but you (the follower) must put your foot down on the beat."
The steps that we looked at both start with a rebound (rebote) from stepping outside partner in parallel system. In the first step, after the rebound, I step to the side and enter back crosses. In the second step, after the rebound, I turn and lead a very compact ocho cortado. This ocho cortado takes up almost no space and is sometimes called a "milonguero ocho cortado."